Improvements to Microsoft Office: Part Two


Improvements to Microsoft Office: Part Two

As mentioned in a previous blog post, Microsoft Office is a program that many people use in their day to day work lives to complete various tasks from sending an email to typing up a document or creating a spreadsheet.  Over the years, different versions of the program have been released, the latest being Microsoft Office 2013.

There are many new features in Office 2013, one of which being that you don’t have to uninstall your old version of Office before installing the new one.  According to Tech Republic, “Previous versions of Microsoft Office don’t support parallel installations. If you want to install a new version, you have to get rid of the old version. However, you can now install Office 2013 alongside a previous version. This means that you don’t have to abandon your previous Office installation while getting used to the new one.”

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Source: Brien Posey, Tech Republic. (June 3, 2013). “My 10 favorite things about Office 2013”.